Advice for non-technical founders for finding a serious CTO for your startup

Finding a co-founder is hard work. Finding a technical co-founder is even harder.

Yet, the benefits of having a technical co-founder make it all worthwhile. A good co-founder will serve as a powerful force multiplier. Think how much faster you will be able to go, and therefore have more runway to iterate to product-market fit. Crucially, if you plan to fundraise, any serious investor will know this.

As a serial technical founder, I often get approached for co-founder opportunities. …

How to turn your big idea into a great product

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I have a great idea! Is one of the expressions I often hear from early-stage startup founders, yet how to implement it and become successful is still a mystery to many.

Some of the most commonly asked questions by entrepreneurs when building an MVP are, where do I start? How do I test my business assumptions? How do I get feedback from my customers and how do I validate my product?

The following is a list of actionable steps on how to get started building an MVP.

Pre-flight checklist 🛫

Build, Measure and Learn

The core principle of lean startup methodology is the…

How the right Software Development approach can make or break your startup

Startup engineering in the early stages of a new tech venture is tricky to say the least. There are many studies often cited that demonstrate the high failure rate of startups, such as a 92% failure rate within 3 years.

Whilst there are many reasons why startups fail, far too many for this blog post to cover, there is no escaping the fact that product engineering is one of the most critical components of a tech startup, if not the most important.

Fundamentally, early stage startups need to move quickly towards finding product-market fit. Taking the right technical approach is…

I recently completed Udacity’s Machine Learning Engineer Nanodegree Capstone Project, titled “Classifying Urban Sounds using Deep learning”, where I demonstrate how to classify different sounds using AI.

The following is an overview of the project, outlining the approach, dataset and tools used and also the results. Full links to all the code, Jupyter notebooks, and report will be posted below.

Note: I recommend running the full Jupyter notebooks in the GitHub repo rather than copy and pasting the code examples in the blog as they are not complete.

For anyone considering a taking the Udacity Machine Learning Engineer Nanodegree, I…

Good Mobile SDK craftsmanship is a topic that often comes up with teams aiming to perfect their SDK strategy. The benefits of a well built SDK are clear. Improved developer experience, faster integration and rollout of new features, all which ultimately leads to a higher adoption of your product.

Having built a number of Mobile SDK’s in my career, I’m often asked for advice on this topic. Whilst there are no hard and fast rules, there are a number of best practices that have been picked up along the way to help build a best in class Mobile SDK whether…

With the growing popularity of voice and audio-enabled products, such as the Amazon Echo and Google Home, it seems reasonable for consumers to be concerned about exactly what audio data is being collected, stored and shared.

Furthermore, in light of the recent news stories regarding Silverpush and more recently Alphonso, which have raised serious privacy concerns due to background listening being used to stealthily track users behaviour — microphone technologies are increasingly under the spotlight.

At Chirp, we believe in being transparent to the user about how and when their audio data is being used. Whether that is voice assistants…

Keeping users engaged with your app is key to its success. One of the greatest problems for app developers is the rate of mobile app abandonment. Many apps are downloaded and then ignored or even uninstalled. If you want to keep your audience engaged with your app then you have to give them the user experience they want.

Use push notifications intelligently

Push notifications are a great way to bring former users back to your app, but you have to use them carefully. …

Mobile app optimisation is the process of using controlled experimentation to improve an app’s ability to drive business goals. Here I will outline various techniques I’ve used to build successful apps.

These techniques allow developers to define, measure and test features in an iterative and low cost way. They utilise a data driven approach as opposed to opinions and facilitate a validated learning process.

The end goal results in a better performing app, whether that is measured by an increased conversion rate, increased sales or another business goal.

In-App Analytics

Believe it or not, your users are probably not using your app…

27 May 2015

Recently I had the opportunity to build another Chrome Extension. This time it was for Chirp, the ambitious London based startup that I recently did some Android App development for. I’m really pleased with this Extension, as it opens up the use case possibilities of Chirp immensely and solves a very common problem.

A common annoyance that no doubt we have all suffered from, is how to quickly get something such as a file or link from your desktop to your mobile device. Various solutions do exist, but most have their drawbacks. …

11 May 2015

Since the 21st of April this year, if your website isn’t mobile-friendly, it’s going to take a significant hit on Google rankings. For anyone dependent on search traffic, that is reason alone to check and update your site, but it’s also a worthwhile exercise in itself.

The Google change is both more and less dramatic than you might immediately assume. It’s more dramatic because the effects on rankings are believed to be even greater than the infamous ‘Panda’ algorithm update that hit poor-quality content. It’s less dramatic as it only has an effect on the main Google…

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